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Short Filament lifetime causes and checks to be completed


Filament blowing very quickly.


  • Q Exactive GC
  • Exactive GC
  • TSQ Series
  • ISQ Series


  • Checks that can be completed on the system before logging a support call: 
  • Check carrier gas being supplied to the GC and Column. 
  • Check split flow is on and is at a high enough value. 
  • Check Inlet pressure is high enough to supply the column and split flow demand.
  • Check column parameters are correct. 
  • Check last leak check result. 
  • Tighten column nut and ferrule and run leak check. 
  • If still high, replace column nut and ferrule. 
  • Run a quick heat cycle on the GC to “bed in” the ferrule. 
  • Check and adjust ferrule tightness. 
  • Run leak check. 
  • If leak check still high, replace column with a blanking nut and run leak check. 
  • If okay, issue is with the column/inlet so run a Inlet leak check. 
  • If Inlet leak check passes, exchange column. 
  • If issue persists log a support call for further investigation.


Air ingree into the system