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Vacuum leak


Unit has experienced a vacuum leak


Q Exactive GC


  • For proper performance, your Q Exactive GC system must operate at acceptable vacuum levels.
  • User should check the current pressure values in the Vacuum / Bakeout window of the Tune software window. 
  1. To display the Tune software window, choose Start > Programs > Thermo Exactive Series > Tune. The Instrument status LED in the toolbar turns green when the vacuum levels of the instrument are sufficient for operating your Q Exactive GC system.
  2. In the Tasks panel of the Tune software window, click to display the Vacuum / Bakeout window. Green LEDs indicate that the readback values are sufficient for operating the Q Exactive GC mass spectrometer.

Vacuum/Bakeout Button

vacuum leak - image 1.png

Green : sufficient for operating

vacuum leak - image 2.png

  1. Compare the current values of the pressures in the vacuum manifold with the values listed in Table 1 below. If the current values are higher than normal, there might be an air leak. 

vacuum leak - image 3.png

  1. If the pressure in the Ultra High Vacuum region is high (above 1E-9 mbar), the instrument needs to be baked out for about 10 hours or more.


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