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PAC Manager Users Guide


This guide assumes that you have some familiarity with TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and Ethernet networking. If you are not familiar with these subjects, we strongly suggest you consult commercially available resources to learn about them before attempting to use these systems.

This user’s guide includes the following sections:

  • Chapter 1, “Introduction”—information about the guide and how to reach Opto 22 Product Support. Also includes product comparison charts.
  • Chapter 2, “Configuring Devices”—how to assign an IP address to your hardware, how to configure I/O units and I/O points, how to use I/O point features such as counters, watchdogs, and analog scaling; and how to send configuration data to I/O units.
  • Chapter 3, “Configuring Optional Functions”—information on configuring security, communication protocols like SNMP and PPP, streaming, the Scratch Pad area, and other optional functions.
  • Chapter 4, “Setting Up Events and Reactions”—if you are not using PAC Control, information on configuring local reactions to local events.
  • Chapter 5, “Reading and Writing to Specific Devices”—how to read data directly from a specific controller or I/O unit or write directly to a controller, brain, or I/O points.
  • Chapter 6, “Maintaining Devices”—changing IP addresses, upgrading firmware, and working with files on the device.
  • Chapter 7, “Troubleshooting”—tips for resolving difficulties you may encounter while working in PAC Manager.


  •  Antaris EX
  • SNAP PAC R-Series Controllers
  • SNAP PAC S-Series Controllers
  • SNAP PAC EB Brains
  • SNAP PAC SB Brains
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