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SNAP PAC R-Series Users Guide


This guide shows you how to install and use SNAP PAC R-series controllers. This guide assumes that you have some familiarity with TCP/IP and Ethernet networking, and also with wireless networking if you are using wired+wireless models. If you are not familiar with these subjects, we strongly suggest you consult commercially available resources to learn about them before attempting to install or use SNAP PAC R-series controllers.

The following sections are included in this user's guide:

  • Chapter 1: Overview—information about the guide and how to reach Opto 22 Product Support.
  • Chapter 2: Installation—quick-start steps to get SNAP PAC R-series controllers up and running quickly.
  • Chapter 3: System Information—conceptual information on networking and communicating with SNAP PAC R-series controllers; descriptions of features, capabilities, and specifications for SNAP PAC R-series controllers.
  • Chapter 4: Maintenance and Troubleshooting—assigning and changing IP addresses, resetting the controller to factory defaults, upgrading firmware, and tips for resolving difficulties you may encounter while working with SNAP PAC R-series controllers.
  • Appendix: SNAP Mounting Racks and Power Supplies— wiring diagram examples for assembling your SNAP PAC R-series controller, SNAP PAC rack, and power supply.


  •  Antaris EX
  • SNAP PAC R Series Controllers:
    • SNAP-PAC-R1
    • SNAP-PAC-R2
    • SNAP-PAC-R1-FM
    • SNAP-PAC-R2-FM
    • SNAP-PAC-R1-W
    • SNAP-PAC-R2-W
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