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How To Run a Bench Status Report Nicolet iS50 and iS5


The attached document describes how to generate a bench status report saved to the workstation desktop..


  • Nicolet iS5
  • Nicolet iS50
  • OMNIC Software version 9 or higher

Resolution :

How to Run A Bench Status Report on an iS5 or iS50 FT-IR Bench with Omnic 9 Version Software

To generate a Bench Status Report for an iS5 or iS50 bench in the Omnic 9 version software or higher in the Omnic go to the Collect > Advanced Diagnostics.

The following screen shot appears:


On your keyboard hold down the Shift button while simultaneously left mouse clicking on the Report button above. The following message will appear:


Hit the OK button to send the bench status report to the desktop of your computer.


Service Personal may request this report for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes.

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