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Thermo Fisher Scientific

269-203110 - Computer Requirements


This document describes the requirements for computers used to run Thermo Scientific spectrometer, microscopes, and analyzers. Computers provided by Thermo Scientific meet or exceed these requirements. If you provide a computer for your FTIR or Raman system, make sure it meets these requirements.


  • Nicolet Summit Spectrometer
  • Nicolet Summit PRO Spectrometer
  • Nicolet Summit OA Spectrometer
  • Nicolet Summit LITE Spectrometer
  • Nicolet Summit X Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS5 Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS5N Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS5LS Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS10 Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS20 Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iS50R Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iG50 Spectrometer
  • Nicolet iN10 Microscope
  • Nicolet RaptIR Microscope
  • Antaris II Analyzer
  • Antaris MX Analyzer
  • Antaris IGS Analyzer
  • DXR SmartRaman Spectrometer
  • iXR Raman Spectrometer
  • DXR Raman Microscope
  • DXRxi Raman Imaging Microscope


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