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Classic VATR - Product Data Sheet


The Variable Angle ATR, is a traditional in-compartment accessory with the ATR crystal mounted vertically with respect to the spectrometer baseplate. Its optical layout is based on an optimized Gilby configuration and allows continuous adjustment of the incident beam angle between 30 to 60 degrees. This accessory is suitable for the analysis of solids, films and coatings, but for obvious reasons, it cannot be used for working with liquids. For enhanced sensitivity the sample may be mounted on both sides of the crystal. A unique mirror adjustment mechanism which utilizes mirror placement and proportional pivoting allows precise and repeatable alignment. The PIKE Technologies Variable Angle ATR offers flexibility when the frequent replacement of ATR crystals is required. VATR is an excellent, low-cost tool for teaching the principles of internal reflection spectroscopy, and for basic research.


Classic VATR

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