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Alternate Radial Window for the iCAP Duo


The attached documents describe an alternate radial window that can minimize loss of intensities for the radial view on a DUO.  The design of this alternate widow was done in Germany and will minimize material build up in the window that can block light.  Secondly it has a small light entrance port.  It has been learned that much of the light from the radial view comes through the torch itself and not simply through the small hole in the torch.  Therefore, as material builds up on the inside of the torch, a substantial loss in light occurs for the radial view when using the standard radial window.  To solve this problem, the new radial window only views light that has come through the small hole in the torch.

The radial adapter can be ordered from AHF ( and here are the details:

Part no 282-23:
Plasma screen for iCAP DUO
DUO Radial Optimizer Kit
Argon gespülte Plasma-Blende for Thermo iCAP DUO torch OD 20mm; length 38,0 +0,5mm Diameter of orifice 2.5mm Window (Quartz glass) D 14mm Ap.11mm



  • iCAP 6500 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Dual


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