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What's new in the latest version of OMNIC Paradigm software?

Version 2.0 of OMNIC Paradigm software includes a powerful new suite of tools for FTIR microscopy with the Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope, support for more instruments and accessories, a tabbed view for convenient multitasking, and enhanced workflow options.

For more details on changes in this version of software, see the release notes.


With the new OMNIC Paradigm for Microscopy package, you can use OMNIC Paradigm software with the Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope for FTIR microscopy. Quickly view, analyze, and identify your samples with support for analyzing areas, points, or lines or use the particle analysis tools to quickly identify and characterize particles.


Support for more instruments and accessories

OMNIC Paradigm software now supports even more instruments and accessories, including the Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope, the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer, and many common sampling accessories for the iS50 spectrometer, including the built-in ATR module, the Smart iTR, the Smart Diffuse Reflectance, the Smart NIR Integrating Sphere, the Smart Golden Gate, the Smart iTX, the Smart ARK, Smart OMNI-Sampler, Smart SAGA, and the Smart OMNI-Transmission.


Multitasking in OMNIC Paradigm software is easier than ever with tabs. Open spectra or map files in separate tabs to keep your work organized, or keep analyzing a sample in one tab while you measure data in another.

Improvements to workflows

The Measure tile in workflows now includes more instrument and measurement settings, including gain, aperture, sample spacing, and zero fill.

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