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Running Wavelength Performance Verification of using a Holmium Glass filter


Follow these steps to run wavelength performance verification of the GENESYS 10S using a Holmium glass filter:

  1. Press the TEST key.
  2. Use the down arrow key to highlight Performance Verification (Enter).
  3. Use the down arrow key to highlight Wavelength Accuracy Standards (Enter).
  4. Press Delete nm 3 times to delete the 3 old peaks.
  5. Press Add nm 638.0 (Enter).
  6. Press 1 (Enter).
  7. Press Add nm 445.8 (Enter).
  8. Press 1 (Enter).
  9. Press Add nm 279.4 (Enter).
  10. Press 1 (Enter).
  11. Verify the measurement mode is set to Absorbance Peak.
  12. In the sample compartment leave the B position empty (no cuvette).
  13. Place the Holmium Oxide filter in the 1 position.
  14. Press the Start Test key.

Following the execution of this procedure, the instrument will run all three peaks and give you Pass/Fail results.



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