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Performance Validation Testing Using a Calibration Validation Carousel


Why are some of my performance validation tests greyed out in my Vision Pro or Vision Security Software?


  • Evolution 300, 600
  • Vision Pro or Vision Security
  • Calibration Validation Carousel (CVC)


The calibration data for a CVC comes on a USB Stick. This data needs to be loaded into the Instrument processor board before the tests will be available in the Vision Pro or Vision Security software. To load the calibration data, follow these steps in the order listed.

Loading CVC Calibration Data in Vision Pro

  1. Install CVC.
  2. Place CVC Cal Disk in PC drive
  3. Start Vision and Ev300 allow unit to initialize.
  4. Click File > Open > CVC Calibration Data.
  5. Navigate to drive A in “Look in” box.
  6. Select calibration data file and open.
  7. Click Command > Update CVC Calibration.
  8. Click Command > Initialize > Accessories.

If everything loaded correctly, you should see a CVC icon appear in the status bar.

  • To start the CVC tests, click on Command/PV Tests. The CVC test page will appear.
  • Check all the boxes for all of the tests except perhaps for Wavelength Repeatability. You can only run the Wavelength Repeatability test if you have a Mercury pen lamp installed in your Evolution system. If you have this lamp, you then have the option to select this test.
  • Click the RUN button in the CVC test page to start the tests. The results of the PV tests will appear in the Results window. PV test results may be saved, loaded, printed and included in reports as required.

The calibration data on the disk only needs to be loaded once.  To run the test in the future just place the CVC unit into the Evolution system. If you do not see a CVC icon appear in the status bar, go to the Command menu and click on Initialize accessories. Then follow the instructions in the following link.