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Omega Cuvette - Design Consideration for a new Platform Cuventt in GFAAS


Design Considerations for a new Platform Cuvet te in Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry:


In summary, the new Omega cuvette with integrated platform represents another step forward in the drive to produce interference-free analysis for the widest range of elements and matrix types. It has a number of clear advantages over the previous generation of platforms:
(1) It is useable with less-volatile elements requiring quite high atomization temperatures.
(2) It produces a more than adequate shift in appearance time which results in good interference correction for traditionally difficult matrices.
(3) The increase in sample volume that can be accommodated enables better detection limits to be achieved.
(4) The use of ELC technology ensures a cuvette/platform combination with considerably longer lifetimes than previously possible with typical thin pyrolytic coating products.


  • iCE 3400
  • iCE 3500


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