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Peristaltic Pump Maintenance


In order for the rollers of the peristaltic pump to continue moving freely, it is important to perform maintenance on them from time to time


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Since the rollers on the pump are turning every time the peristaltic pump is in use, it is important to perform maintenance on it in order to ensure it continues to performs optimally.

  1. Apply a dab of synthetic lubricant to either side of the roller where it rotates on the pump head. One option is a lubricant from Super Lube which has a nice applicator tip that enables you to apply one drop of lubricant to each side of the rollers. Other lubricants such as WD40 will work as well.

Super Lube 51010 Oil Super Lube,Translucent white: Automotive Assembly Lubricants: Tools & Home Improvement

  1. The second item you need to have in your toolkit to perform maintenance on the peristaltic pump is a lubricated cloth from Glass Expansion. You can use this cloth to periodically wipe the rollers, for example when you are changing the tubing. This will help to keep the surface of the rollers themselves from sticking to the pump tubing. 

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