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Poor Analytical Data Due Drain Connection Issues


It has been reported that the tubing from the spray chamber to the peristaltic pump tubing on the iCAP 7400 and iCAP 7600 does not seal well.

This can result in poor precision, or even the spray chamber filling and the plasma extinguishing, as the spray chamber will not drain well.


  • iCAP 7400
  • iCAP 7600

On investigation it has been found that the external diameter of the spray chamber drain tubing is not a good interference fit to the yellow stop/blue stop pump tubing. This allows air to be introduced rather than the liquid being pumped.


Actions to take:

This will be resolved by the supply of a wider diameter spray chamber tubing. Until then, make sure the tubing is pushed at least 2 cm into the pump tubing. Alternatively, any pump tubing that empties the spray chamber can be used (grey-grey stop for example). This can be purchased from a local supplier.


  • The sample introduction kits for the iCAP 7000 and 6000 Series have NO peristaltic pump tubing.
  • The pump tubing must be ordered separately for either the mini pump (3-stop for iCAP 7400/7600) or the larger standard pump (2-stop for iCAP 7200/6000 Series).
  • Tubing to complete the installation is supplied with new instrumentation.


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