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Red Drain Flow Status Indicator


Can't light plasma; drain flow status indicator is red


  • iCAP 6500 Radial
  • iCAP 6500 Dual
  • iCAP 6300 Radial
  • iCAP 6300 Dual


Turn the sensor off or make sure the spray chambers drain system is set up correctly.

Check sample introduction

Check sample introduction including the peripump windings for condition and proper clamp pressure.

Pump tension adjustment is covered in the Hardware Manual. If using a typical concentric self siphoning nebulizer, with the plasma lit and neb gas on, from the Plasma Control Panel turn pump OFF (set to zero rpm and click Apply button), loosen clamp tension adjust screw to allow free aspiration, introducing an air bubble and watching its movement will aid visually, tighten the tension adjust to stall then one turn tighter than the stall point.

Verify proper drain flow
  1. Check tubing at the sensors lower pass through hole in the cabinet, check peripump windings and tension.
  2. Try turning OFF the drain sensor monitor, goto iTEVA Control Center, Tools / Instrument Options / Sample Introduction tab, remove checkmark and Enable Drain Sensor.
  3. From the Plasma Control Panel, plasma extinguished, the Neb gas can be set ON to 0.5 to 0.7Lpm, then you can turn ON the Pump, set speed ~50rpm (click Apply) and verify chamber wetting and drain flow. Set back to zero (click Apply) and try ignition again.
  4. Once you have the spray chamber drain pumping bubbles like it is suppose to, you can turn the drain sensor back on and confirm if it is okay at anytime.
  5. The purpose or function of sensing the drain is to shut down the plasma and sample pump and minimize sample spill into the instrument and waste sample if the sample introduction tubing system should burst or come apart.
  6. This function would be left deactivated if liquids are not involved, such as when using accessories like the Hydride Generator (gas), Laser Ablation or SSEA.