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8499 400 30001 - Rev 5.0 - iCAP 6000 Spectrometers Pre-Installation Manual


This manual is designed to help ensure that your iCAP 6000 Series ICP-OES Spectrometer will be installed efficiently and will be able to meet your requirements quickly and completely. Use of the manual will minimize installation time if the services and facilities detailed here are available before the equipment is delivered.

Properly installed and maintained, your system will provide you with years of reliable service. Please inform your local Thermo Fisher organization what aspects of support are most important to you and a tailored agreement can be provided to prolong the life of your instrument.

This manual describes the environment and the resources required at the installation site of the iCAP 6000 Series ICP-OES Spectrometer and associated equipment. Safety requirements for the installation are also detailed.

See iCAP 6000 Environmental Requirements for more information.


iCAP 6000 Series ICP-OES Spectrometer

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