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Spray Chamber and Nebulizer Connector Kit


The attachment Spray Chamber and Nebulizer Connector Kit.pdf describes the content of the kit and how it connects to the spray chamber and nebulizer.

Nebulizer/Spray Chamber Connector Kit.pdf (Part Number 842312051402)

Adapter PTFE 1 Blk Ring w/integral capillary (chamber drain, 0.79mm ID x 1.44mOD) - 6 EA

Adapter PTFE 2 Blk Rins w/ integral capillary (chamber drain, 1.27mm ID x 1.88m OD) 6 EA

Adapter PTFE 1 Brn Ring w/integral capillary (neb uptake, 0.5mm ID x 1.11mm OD) 6 EA

Fitting Neb Gas 4mm inline QC (Ezylok) 3 EA


  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000 Series


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