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Adding Autosampler in Qtegra


How to add an autosampler to a configuration in Qtegra




1) Open Configurator Configurator icon.png

2) See if the autosampler being added is listed in the Instrument tab of Available items

Available Plugins in Configurator.png

A) If the autosampler is not listed, reinstall Qtegra and during the installation process select the plugin to be installed pertaining the type of autosampler being added

3) Left-click on the autosampler from the Available Items, hold and drag & drop onto the name of the Configuration the autosampler is being added to

4) Right-click on the autosampler and left-click on Edit Settings

Edit Settings.png

5) Adjust the settings for the autosampler in reference to your specific setup, i.e rack type, etc.

A) For Cetac autosampler do the following:

i) Determine the Com Port the autsampler is set up through

a) For serial conneciton via RS-232 this will most likely be COM1 and therefore the Com Port setting in Autosampler plugin will not need to be modfied

b) For USB connection, reference the knowledge article Determining the Autosampler COM Port

ii) Adjust the Com Port setting to reflect the COM port the autosmapler is set up to communicate through