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Cetac ASX-560, ASX-280 home position error and Labbook fails


After autosampler ASX-560 or ASX-280 installation, it may occur running a labbook, that Qtegra stops when the probe returns to home position from random rack position, the autosampler led in dashboard turns red, showing false communication issue. Error 017: error moving home is an example of an error message that may be present in the log file.


  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000 Series
  • ICAPPRO Series
  • Qtegra
  • ASX 560
  • ASX 280


See attached file: Cetac ASX-560_280 home position error Rev 2.pdf for more information on the error and this knowledge article for details on how to perform an alignment: Rev 4 - 480221 - Alignment Guide for ASX-280 and ASX-560 Autosamplers

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