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Adding Relative Standard Error to a Report in Qtegra


The document below describes the process for adding relative standard error to a report in Qtegra.

Adding Relative Standard Error Calc to a Report in Qtegra.pdf

The RSE will then be displayed for all the calibration standards.  If you would like to restrict the RSE to a single column, please add a condition such as "Label", "is in list", and then choose any of the calibration standards.  You can add the condition by left clicking "Label" under "Columns", and then clicking on the green plus under "Conditions".  You will want to create the "Result Table: Result Data Table" outside of the "Grouping: Group by"; otherwise, the calibration standards will still be shown except without any data.

RSE Single Column.jpg


  • Qtegra
  • iCAP Pro
  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000
  • iCAP Qnova Series
  • iCAP Q
  • iCAP RQ
  • iCAP TQ
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