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Average of Multiple Samples in Qtegra


How do you calculate the average of multiple samples in Qtegra in order to satisfy some methodologies, for example System Suitability test for USP




1) Save the Qtegra report file Average of Multiple Samples.qrpt to the following directory: C:\C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\Reporting

2) Restart the Computer

3) While in the LabBook navigate to Reports and then click on the “Average of Multiple Samples” report

Avg of Multiple Samples report.png

4) Once the report has generated, click on “Edit Report”

Edit Report.png

5) Select “Result Table:Result Data Table” in the Report content menu

Result Data Table.png

6) Navigate to Conditions and then in the Condition drop down menu select the samples you would like to be averaged.


7) Click the Execute Report button to generate the report

Execute Report.png

At this point you can export the report as a PDF or print a hard copy

Note: you must complete steps 1-4 each time you want to generate a report of the average of a different set of samples.





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