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Backing Up Qtegra


Please refer to Instructions below for details on which files are needed for backup of Qtegra Software.

Qtegra Backup

In order to back up existing Qtegra files pertaining to methods and results such as LabBooks and Templates,  copy and paste the "Thermo" folder located here: C:\ProgramData\Thermo\  to one of the following media:

  1. Another newly created folder on the Hard Disk Drive (see Windows Operating instructions for carrying out this task)
  2. A thumb drive...(This is a computer memory stick that can be purchased locally and push into the USB port)
  3. Network Drive
  4. Burned to a DVD disk (please refer to computer's operating manual for instructions)
  5. Burned to a CD Rom (please refer to the computer's operating manual for instructions)

Note: It is advisable to use options 2-5 versus a folder located on the local hard drive. In the even the local hard drive becomes corrupted, the backed up files may not be accessible.

By Clicking on each folder with the right mouse button, one will get options affecting the folder. Copy or "Send to" can be used to put a copy of the folder and its contents in a new location. 

The LabBooks, Templates, ect can be use to restore the data files in the even that the local hard drive has been compromised by copying them from the backed up location to the respective folder on the local hard drive. The pertinent data files and their respective file paths are as follows:

LabBook:  C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\Workspace\LabBooks

Templates: C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\Workspace\Templates

Custom Reports: C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\Reporting

Export Schemes (used to export data): C:\ProgramData\Thermo\Qtegra\_Application Data\ExportSchemes




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