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Display Issue in Qtegra


If display issues are experienced in Qtegra or one of the other Qtegra applications such as Instrument Control (ICP-MS only), such that for example a window will not move and is blocking access to some other function in the software or a window can’t be resized, it is very possible that the user config folder pertaining to the application experiencing the display issue has become corrupted.


  • Qtegra
  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 7000 Series
  • iCAP Q
  • iCAP Qnova Series
  • iCAP PRO


1)    Close out of any open Qtegra applications: Qtegra, Instrument Control (used in conjunction with ICP-MS only), Configurator, etc.

2)    Navigate to: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Thermo_Fisher_Scientific, where xxxx denotes the user who is currently logged on to Windows.

3)    Open the Thermo_Fisher_Scientific folder and then delete the folder pertaining to the application in question, see Figure 1 for snippet of the contents of this folder.

For example, if Qtegra is the application demonstrating display issue, then you will want to delete the “Qtegra.exe_StrongName_[long character string]” folder.

Contents of Thermo_Fisher_Scientific folder.png

           Figure 1: Contents of Thermo_Fisher_Scientifc folder

Note: If the InstrumentControl.exe_StrongName_[long character string] user config folder is  deleted, the Analyte and Formula table will need to be setup in Instrument Control again. If you need help doing this, please reference Knowledge Article Setting up the Data Display in Instrument Control

4)    Reboot the PC

5)    Open the application which has been demonstrating display issues