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Qtegra Intermittently Closing on It's Own


Qtegra closes on its own and then displays message that it will automatically re-open within 120s


  • iCAP Q
  • iCAP Qnova Series
  • iCAP 6000 Series
  • iCAP 700 Series
  • iCAP PRO


First try restarting the Qtegra service. Please refer to this knowledge article for details on how to do so: Restarting Qtegra Services

If that fails to resolve the issue, try renaming the two folders which contain that user configuration files. 

1) Close out of any open Qtegra applications: Qtegra, Instrument Control, Configurator, etc.

2) Rename the Thermo_Fisher_Scientific  folder located in the following directories.

     a) C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local

     b) C:\Users\xxxx \AppData\Local\ where xxxx is the user currently logged on to Windows

Note 1:  You can change the name of the Thermo_Fisher_Scientifc folder to “Thermo_Fisher_Scientific_original” OR put a date stamp at the end

Note 2: In versions of Qtegra used to control an ICP-MS, the Analyte and Formula table will need to be setup in Instrument Control again. If you need help doing this, please reference this knowledge article: Adding Elements, Molecules, and Ratios to the Data Display in Instrument Control

c)    Reboot the PC

d)    Attempt to open the application which has previously triggered the Application Error


The user configuration files store information pertaining to what actions have been taken in the software so that the next time a user goes to use the software they will pick up where they left off. For example, the user configuratoin file pertaining to Qtegra will remember which LabBooks have been opened recently by the user so that a recent LabBook can be opened quickly by accessing it directly from the Recent LabBooks list.


Sometimes the user configuration file(s) pertaining to one of the Qtegra services becomes corrupted and needs to be regenerated.


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