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Restarting Qtegra Services


Issues such as those bulleted below will occur as the result of one or more of the Qtegra services no longer working properly.

  • Progress of LabBook which has been scheduled to run is not updating
  • No control of instrument





Close out of Qtegra, Configurator and any other related Qtegra applications 

1) Click on the   button if available in Windows taskbar or Right-click on Windows icon and select Search

2) Type "Services" into the search box and then click "Run as Administrator"

3) Click on  to sort the Services by Description

4) Scroll down to the list Qtegra services

5) Right-click on the Logging Service and select Stop

6) A Stop Other Services popup window will appear. Click Yes to stop the other Qtegra Services

7) Right-click on Acquisition Service and select Start

8) The Post Process Service was added in Qtegra 2.10 SR7 (2.10.4345.39). If the present version of Qtegra is 2.10 SR7 or later, , right-click on Post Process Service and select Start

9) Once all of the Qtegra services have been restarted, Running should be displayed in the Status column for all of the Qtegra services.



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