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Significant figures in Qtegra Reports


How do you increase the significant figures for values reported in Qtegra reports.




For the values reported in the Concentrations, Intensities and other Evaluation Results within a LabBook, the significant figures can be increased by doing the following:

1. Click on the Display settings in the LabBook toolbar

Display settings.png

2. Modify the number of significant figures for the value you would like to change and click OK.

The value will not only change in the displayed data but also within the reports generated with this data as well. For, example the highlighted portion of the Display Settings in snippet to follow would change the average Concentration Precision Digits to 6 and average Intensity Precision Digits to 0

Sig Figs in Display settings.png

For values such as Reference Amount 1 (the known amount of an isotope in a Quality Control sample), there is no value to modify within the Display Settings. Therefore, an alternative approach needs to be undertaken to increase the significant digits for this value

1. Click on Edit Report in the Report toolbar

Edit Report.png

2. Click on Result Table: Concentration table in Report content

Result Table- Concentration table.png

3. Modify the Text column in the Analytes row to reflect the amount of significant figures you would like reported

Note: This will cause the significant figures of all data sets available in the result table (concentration, intensity, etc.) to reflect this amount and therefore supersede whatever is inputted for those other data sets (i.e. Concentrations) in the Display Settings

Text field in Analytes table in reports.png




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