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Uninstall Programs Manually in Windows 10


When using the “Add or Remove” programs function in Windows 10, sometimes errors will prevent uninstalling Qtegra, as well as, other plugins ex: ESI plugin, Teledyne Cetac.




The programs can be manually deleted using the command prompt and registry editor.

Un-Installation Instructions: 

  1. Open the Registry Editor by going to the following computer location “C:\WINDOWS” and choosing the regedit application. 
  2. Go to the location below in the registry editor, and find the UninstallString. The file location under the Data column will be the command line used in the command prompt for un-installation.


  1. Open the command prompt by going to the following computer location “C:\WINDOWS\system32”, and choose the file cmd
  2. Type cd\ to clear the directory, and then type the UninstallString from the Registry Editor to begin uninstalling the program. 
  3. It is highly recommended to find each UninstallString for the application in the Registry Editor to ensure complete un-installation of the program, as well as, other dependent programs.  
  4. If applicable and if there are any errors during un-installation, open the Command Prompt with administrator rights.


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