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Vila Number Error in Sample Definition of Qtegra Template


Error is being displayed for Vial Number in Sample Definition of Template in Qtegra

Error in log file displayed:

Qtegra|ESI_AutosamplerBase.Core|Error|Error validating Rack-Vial input|
Qtegra|ESI_AutosamplerBase.Core|Error|System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.|
Qtegra|ESI_AutosamplerBase.Core|Error|   at ESI.Imhotep.ESI_AutosamplerBase.Core.RackRangeValidator.Validate(ValidationInput input)|


  • iCAP Qnova Series


Create a new Template


When viewing the Method Settings of the ESI SC-2DX plugin in the LabBook, the rack layout did not match up with rack layout when the ESI SC-2DX plugin was viewed in the Qtegra Dashboard. The rack layout in the LabBook displayed 4 racks which was incorrect whereas the rack layout when viewing plugin in Dashboard displayed 2 rack which was correct

Here is what a correct layout looks like:



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