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Wrong File Type Being Displayed for Qtegra LabBook


Qtegra LabBook is being displayed as wrong file type. In this particualr instance LabBook was displayed as Adobe PDF file type


  • Qtegra



1) Right-click on one of the LabBooks and select Open with...

2) In the popup which appears, select More apps

3) Scroll down and then select Look for another app on this PC

4) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Thermo\Qtegra\_Binaries and select Qtegra.exe

5) Right-click again on one of the LabBooks and select Choose another app

6) Select Qtegra is the list of Other options, tick the checkbox for Always use this app to open .imexp files and click OK

The LabBooks should now be shown in the correct file type which is indicated by the Qtegra icon next to the LabBook name









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