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4.5Bkg Performance Report Failure in STDS, STD or STDR Measurement Mode


4.5Bkg fails performance report specification in STD or STDS mode but everything else, including 220.7Bkg, passes


  • iCAP Qnova Series
  • iCAP Q


1)    Run the !CaliTune STDS Autotune Sequence.

If you are in STDS mode this will be the only autotune sequence but if you are in STD mode you will need to subsequently run the !CaliTune STD-100V autotune sequence and furthermore if you are in STDR mode you will need to subsequently run the !CaliTune STDR-100V autotune sequence.

2)    Open the last !CaliTune STDS Autotune report which was ran

3)    Navigate to the last tuning stage which is called CCT Mass to Dac Offset

4)    Locate the left knee of the curve. This is the most negative point of the CCT Mass to Dac Offset before the Lithium sensitivity starts to significantly drop

In Figure 1, the autotune chose a value of ~-100 but the optimum value would be  -200.

CCT Mass to Dac Offset Tuning Stage.jpg

Figure 1: CCT Mass to Dac Offset autotune stage


5)    Make sure the active Experiment Configuration in one that has access to the factory hardware database. You will know if it does because the Control Panel categories will appear like those in Figure 2. If the list of categories doesn’t appear like that in Figure 2 and for example appears like those in Figure 3, switch to a Configuration that has access to the Factory hardware database. It may have the word “Factory” or “Service” present in its name.

Factory hardware database.png

Figure 2: Factory hardware database control categories

Customer hardware database categories.png

Figure 3: Customer hardware database control categories

6)    Click on Mass Calibration in Control Panel.png in the Instrument Control panel

7)    Navigate to CCT RF Amplitude Offset. This is the same parameter as CCT Mass to Dac Offset. It is just called by a different name in the Control Panel.

Note: Mass Calibration window may need to be resized in order to access the CCT RF Amplitude Offset parameter. The window can be resized by left-clicking on the gray bar which separates the control categories and dragging it down, see red arrow in Figure 6.  

CCT RF Amplitude Offset.png

Figure 5: CCT RF Amplitude Offset parameter

Mass Calibration Category in Control Panel.jpg

Figure 6: Mass Calibration control category


8)    Adjust the CCT RF Amplitude Offset to the value recorded in step 4.

9)    Click on Apply Tune Settings.png to save the changes.



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