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Calculating the Uptake Rate on iCAP Qnova Series and iCAP 7600


How do you calculate the uptake rate for instrumentst that use the mini-pump such as  iCAP Q/RQ/TQ or iCAP 7600?


  • iCAP Q
  • Qtegra


To calculate the uptake rate for the iCAP Q, click on the link below, or copy and paste the link into a web browser:

1) Select Other.. enter parameters below for the peristaltic pump configuration and enter these values:

  • Pump diameter (to outside of rollers): 34.5 mm
  • Number of rollers: 12
  • Roller diameter: 7 mm

2) Select the appropriate pump tubing from the drop down options.

3) Enter the pump speed from Qtegra.

4) Click update calculation.

5) This will display the sample uptake rate in uL/min. For example, using the default orange/yellow sample tubing with pump speed of 40rpm will yield an uptake rate of 371 uL/min

NOTE: If you have implemented online internal standard dilution, you will need to calculated the uptake rate for both the Sample and Internal Standard lines and then add these two individual rates together to get the total volume being delivered to the nebulizer

Sample Uptake Calculation.jpg