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KED Sensitivity Factor Failure in KED Measurement Mode


KED Sensitivity Factor (Co/ClO) fails to meet specification in KED measurement


  • iCAP Qnova Series
  • iCAP Q


If the tune solution is from a vendor other than Thermo Fisher Scientific, it is possible that the HCl content may be higher than 0.5% or that the solution is contaminated with an interfering element such as Vanadium. Try a new bottle of Thermo Scientific tune solution (P/N Thermo-4ARev)



  1. Performance report in STD measurement passes for all specifications including Cobalt sensitivity
  2. KED mode specific settings are normal. Reference Performance Report Failure in KED Measurement Modefor details on what to check

Note: you will also want to ensure that the CCT gas flow is reading back to what it is set to





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