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Optimal storing condition


What is the optimal way to store an iCAP Q?




  1. Before switching off the instrument it is recommended to replace the oil in the vacuum pump.
  2. Replace the cooling water (DI) and circulate to flush the instrument.
  3. Switch the instrument off by using the main circuit breaker. Do not vent the instrument by clicking the Vacuum System Off button in Qtegra.
  4. Clean the torch housing and interface as good as possible to prevent continuous corrosion. 
  5. You should block or seal all service inlets and outlets (e.g., water, vacuum, gases).
  6. Cover the instrument with a water proof covering including some silica bags underneath the cover. 
  7. Store it in a climate controlled environment.
  8. The same applies for accessories (e.g., Autosampler, chiller, and other accessories). Drain fluids and seal in/outputs.
  9. If you have any other questions please contact Tech Support at 1-800-532-4752.


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