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Preparing an iCAP Q Planned Power Shutdown


Planned power shutdown


  • iCAP Q
  • Qtegra


The best way to shut down the iCAP Q is first to put the system into Standby Mode by shutting off the plasma.  Follow your normal procedure for putting the system into the Standby Mode..  The computer should now be shut down.  With the system  in Standby Mode you can then shut off the circuit breaker on the left side of the instrument.  You can then shut off the argon and the chiller.  If necessary you can unplug the instrument, chiller, and computer at this time.

This method will shutdown the system safely but will still maintain the vacuum in the analyzer chamber.  Depending on your system the analyzer chamber should maintain vacuum for several days.

NOTE:  If you use the vacuum off control in the Instrument Control Module you will vent the analyzer chamber.  This may require up to 48 hours to pump down the analyzer chamber depending on your lab humidity and temperature.

Following the preparation, execute the steps of the Shutdown Procedure.


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