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43444 - iCAP 7000 - Application Note


The sample introduction system of an ICP-OES has a large influence on the analytical performance of the spectrometer and is the main area of the hardware that users interface with. One key component of this system is the ICP torch. The ICP torch is a relatively high cost consumable item, which can require regular maintenance and replacement when performing more demanding applications. Currently, the majority of ICP torches are made from quartz, which is a crystalline form of silicon dioxide (silica). When a quartz ICP torch is heated (by the plasma) it can undergo a process known as devitrification (which means becoming less glasslike). The process of devitrification can decrease the expected lifetime of the ICP torch and is commonly seen when samples are analyzed that contain high concentrations (greater than 1000 mg·L-1) of group I or group I Goal I elements (Figure 1).


iCAP 7000

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