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Line Switching in Qtegra


Sometimes it is necessary to utilize two different wavelengths or two different plasma views (axial vs. radial) for the same wavelength in order to extend the linear range for a given element. This can be done by implementing line switching in Qtegra.


  • iCAP 7000 Series


1) Click on Quantification

2) Define the switch point. This is the concentration below which results should be reported for this particular wavelength / plasma view and above which should be reported from the less sensitive wavelength / plasma view

a)  Click in the Switch Point cell for the more sensitive wavelength / plasma view and input the concentration in which you would like results which are below this concentration to be reported for this particular wavelength / plasma view. 

Note: You will need to input the numerical value of the concentration and then select the units from the dropdown menu

For example in Figure 1 below, Mg 279.079 (Axial) will be used for concentration up to 100ppm and Mg 279.079 (Radial) will be used for concentrations above 100ppm. Therefore the Switch Point will be set to 100 ppm for Mg 279.079 (Axial)

Switch point defined.png

Figure 1: Switch Point defined

3) Right-click on one of the rows for the Element of interest and click Add customized multi-calibration trace

Add customized multi-calibration trace.png

Figure 2: Adding customized multi-calibration trace

4) In the dropdown menu for Reference Analytes, select the wavelengths / plasma views that you would like included in the multi-calibration trace. 

Reference Analytes.png

5) This customized trace will appear in the Customized Traces section of Quantification. 

The wavelength that the results for the customized trace are reported from will be based upon the element concentration in the solution being analyzed and the switch point designated in step 2.

For example, in the Mg results displayed in Figure 4, the concentration values for "Mg Line Switch" customized trace below 100ppm are reported from Mg 279.079 Axial and above 100ppm are reported for Mg 279.079 Radial.

Mg Results.png

Figure 4: Mg results for line switching

Note: The name of this trace is fully customizable. For example, the customized trace for Mg in Figure 5 has been named "Mg Line Switch"

Customized Traces.png

Figure 5: Customized Trace for Mg





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