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Alignment errors for sample trays and centering plates


AI/AS 1310 and 3000 experiencing alignment errors for sample trays and centering plates.


  • AS 1310
  • AI 1310


  • The trays for the AS 1310 must sit flush on the mount as shown in figures 1 and 2.

Note: The distance between the arrows. Figures 3 and 4 show improper alignment.

Note: The gap between the hub and tray. The Hub grooves and the Tray tabs must be aligned to allow the tray to fit securely on the hub and provide the proper height for the tray.

  • If this height is not correct the sample arm will not pick up the samples.
  • See Figure 5 for a picture of the grooves on the hub and and Figure 6 for picture of tabs on the sample tray.  
  • See Figure 7 for the alignment of the SSL centering plate openings.
  • If the opening on the metal plate is not aligned with the half moon cutout of the plastic centering plate, the autosampler assumes the inlet is a PTV and will not go completely down on the SSL.
  • This may cause an error if the alignment is not correct.  



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