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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Squeaky or Noisy Syringe


Squeaky or noisy syringe on movement


  • U3000 WPS Autosamplers
  • WPS-3000 
  • AS-AP Autosamplers 


Obtain Thermofisher Lubrication kit for the lead screw of the syringe drive, containing a syringe filled with special grease (PN 6820.0045).

  1. Ensure the autosampler is not running/about to move and remove the autosampler syringe. This is achieved by removing the plunger locking screw at the bottom of the syringe plunger, then unscrew the syringe from the 3 way valve at the top of the syringe.
  2. Using the Lubrication kit grease, apply grease thinly to the length of the lead screw and the vertical guide rod next to it. Do this sparingly, more can be added later if noise persists.
  3. In control software request manual prime of autosampler syringe, suggest 10 times, start the prime. The autosampler syringe will move down then back up. This helps distribute the grease already applied, this can be repeated as required. The noise / squeaking should improve and stop if it doesn’t try another x10 syringe primes, if it still doesn’t then repeat the previous step to apply more grease once the autosampler syringe movements have stopped.
  4. Replace syringe when noise issue is rectified. 


Over time, the lead screw grease can dry out causing increased friction and noise / squeaking.