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Connecting the Gallery/Gallery Plus to a LIMS System


The Gallery analyzers do not have any affiliation with any particular commercial LIMS solution, so it the customer's choice which solution they want to go with. The Gallery utilizes CLSI LIS01-A2 and LIS01-A2 standards (previously known as ASTM standard).

The attached Gallery LIS interface manual can be used to assist the customer to configure and deploy the LIS interface to their needs. The LIS manual includes detailed specification, instructions, and examples of the communication. Typically, a software developer (e.g. LIS vendor representative) is responsible for the ASTM driver development, and local Thermo support in turn helps them with the process. The supported physical interface on the Gallery to LIS is either TCP/IP or Serial (RS232) connection. See also Appendix A, which includes some basic troubleshooting steps, and if you require our assistance, what files we would need in order to help you.


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  • Gallery Plus Beermaster


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