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Thermo Fisher Scientific

GP1 Pro and Plus - Rotor Curves


GP1 Pro and Plus Acceleration and Decelaration Profiles



75003602 75003655 ST1 Plus
Microliter 48X2 Sealed TX-400 Round Bucket X1 Pro
75003620 75003659 Multifuge
HighConic II 6X100 TX-200 Round Bucket Sorvall
75003621 75003661 ST1R Plus
BioShield 720 FiberLite F13-14X50c X1R Pro
75003623 75003663  
FA 30X15 FiberLite F15-8X50c  
75003624 75003664  
Microplate Rotor M-20  FiberLite F21-48X2  
75003652 75003694  
Microplate Rotor 30X2 TB Rotor 8X50  
75003698  FiberLite F15-6X100