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Thermo Fisher Scientific

GP4 Pro and Plus Rotor Curves


GP4 Pro and Plus Acceleration and Deceleration Profiles



75003602 Microliter 48x2 sealed X4 Pro
75003603 BIOShield 1000A ST4 Plus
75003606 HIGHPlate 6000 X4R Pro
75003608 TX-750 Round Bucket ST4R Plus
75003614 TX-750 Rectangular Bucket X4F Pro
75003617 TX-750 Microplate Carrier X4RF Pro
75003620 Highconic II 6x100 Sorvall
75003661 FiberLite F13-14x50c Multifuge
75003662 FiberLite F14-6x250  
75003663 FiberLite F15-8x50c  
75003664 FiberLite F21-48x2  
75003665 FiberLite H3LV  
75003668 Bioliner Bucket  
75003670 Bioliner Microplate Carrier  
75003698 FiberLite F15-6x100  
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