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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezer w/ OPC UA Communication


The intent of the Control Rate Freezer OPC UA is to provide a means for the customer to communicate, monitor and have limited control of the Control Rate Freezers. This instruction will illustrate how to test the communication.



  • TSCM17SA
  • TSCM17FA
  • TSCM17SV
  • TSCM17FV
  • TSCM34SA
  • TSCM34FA
  • TSCM34SV
  • TSCM34FV
  • TSCM48SA
  • TSCM48FA
  • TSCM48SV
  • TSCM48FV
  • TSCM17CA
  • TSCM17TA
  • TSCM34CA
  • TSCM34TA
  • TSCM48CA
  • TSCM48TA