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312536H01 Installation Instrutions - Jewett- 312189G11 to G18 Kits - Goldline to Dixell Control


CTL036 Goldline to dixell electronic temperature control conversion kit Installation Instructions



Jewett CTL036 Goldline control to dixel control upgrade for BBR, LR, PR, PRF, BPL, and LF Series:

BBR11-2A CT1-2A LR11-2A
BBR11-2B CT1-2B LR11-2B
BBR17-1B CT1-1B LR17-1B
BBR17-2A CT1-2A LR17-2A
BBR17-2B CT1-2B LR17-2B
BBR25-1B PR55-1B LR25
BBR25-2A PR55-2A LR25-2A
BBR25-2B PR55-2B LR25-2B
BBR25D-1B PR55D-1B LR25D-1B
BBR25D-2A PR55D-2A LR25D-2A
BBR25D-2B PR55D-2B LR25D-2B
BBR37-1B LRF37-2A LR37-1B
BBR37-2A LRF37-2B LR37-2A
BBR37-2B PR17-1B LR37-2B
BBR55-1B PR17-2A LR55-1B
BBR55-2A PR17-2B LR55-2A
BBR55-2B PR25-1B LR55-2B
BBR55D-1B PR25-2A LR55D-1B
BBR55D-2A PR25-2B LR55D-2A
BBR55D-2B PR25D-1B LR55D-2B
BBR6-1B PR25D-2A LR6-1B
BBR6-2A PR25D-2B LR6-2A
BBR6-2B PR37-1B LR6-2B
BBR11-1B PR37-2A LR6D-1B
LRF37-1B PR37-2B LR6D-2A
LR11-1B CT1-1B LR6D-2B
BPL306-1B CTF306-1B PRF17-1B
BPL306-2A CTF306-2A PRF17-2A
BPL306-2B CTF406-1B PRF17-2B
BPL311-1B CTF406-2A UCF206-1B
BPL311-2A LF217-1B UCF206-2A
BPL311-2B LF217-2A UCF206-2B
BPL317-2A LF217-2B UCF306-1B
BPL317-2B LF225-1B UCF306-2A
BPL325-2A LF225-2A UCF306-2B
BPL325-2B LF225-2B UCF406-1B
BPL337-2A LF237-2A UCF406-2A
BPL337-2B LF237-2B UCF406-2B
BPL355-2A LF255-2A LF417-2A
BPL355-2B LF255-2B LF417-2B
BPL406-1B LF317-2A LF425-2A
BPL406-2A LF317-2B LF425-2B
BPL406-2B LF325-2A LF437-2A
BPL411-1B LF325-2B LF437-2B
BPL411-2A LF337-2A LF455-2A
BPL411-2B LF337-2B LF455-2B
BPL417-2A LF355-2A BPL437-2B
BPL417-2B LF355-2B BPL455
BPL425-2A BPL425-2B BPL455-2B