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Revco Ultra Low Temperature Freezers - Check Fuse Light Troubleshooting Instructions


Instruction sheet for checking the surge suppressor. The message "check fuse" typically indicates the fuse in the freezer’s built in surge protector has failed.


Revco ultra low temperature freezers with built in surge suppressor

ULT350-9-A ULT1090-9-A ULT1490-9-A ULT1790-9-A ULT2186-9-A ULT3286-9SI-D
ULT350-9-D ULT1090-9-D ULT1490-9-D ULT1790-9-D ULT2186-9-D ULT3286-9SI-V
ULT350-9-V ULT1090-9-V ULT1490-9-V ULT1790-9-V ULT2186-9-V ULT3286-9SI-W
ULT350-9-W ULT1090-9-W ULT1490-9-W ULT1790-9-W ULT2186-9-W  
ULT390-9-A ULT1340-9-A ULT1740-9-A ULT2050-9-A ULT2540-9-A  
ULT390-9-D ULT1340-9-D ULT1740-9-D ULT2050-9-D ULT2540-9-D  
ULT390-9-V ULT1340-9-V ULT1740-9-V ULT2050-9-V ULT2540-9-V  
ULT390-9-W ULT1340-9-W ULT1740-9-W ULT2050-9-W ULT2540-9-W  
ULT750-9-A ULT1386-9-A ULT1750-9-A ULT2090-9-A ULT2586-9-A  
ULT750-9-D ULT1386-9-D ULT1750-9-D ULT2090-9-D ULT2586-9-D  
ULT750-9-V ULT1386-9-V ULT1750-9-V ULT2090-9-V ULT2586-9SI-A  
ULT750-9-W ULT1386-9-W ULT1750-9-W ULT2090-9-W ULT2586-9SI-D  
ULT1050-9-A ULT1450-9-A ULT1786-9-A ULT2140-9-A ULT2586-9SI-V  
ULT1050-9-D ULT1450-9-D ULT1786-9-D ULT2140-9-D ULT2586-9SI-W  
ULT1050-9-V ULT1450-9-V ULT1786-9-V ULT2140-9-V ULT2586-9-V  
ULT1050-9-W ULT1450-9-W ULT1786-9-W ULT2140-9-W ULT2586-9-W