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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Revco Plus Series Ultra Low Temperature - Upright Cabinet Battery Replacement Instruction Sheet


ULT Plus Series battery replacement. Low battery light on.


  • Revco Plus -86C freezers, all sizes and voltages
  • Ultima Plus
  • Value Plus
  • Elite Plus
  • ULT1786-4-6-10
  • ULT2186-4-6-10
  • ULT2586-4-6-10
ULT1786-4-A ULT2186-10-A ULT2586-4-A ULT2586-10HD-A ULT3280-10HD-A
ULT1786-4-D ULT2186-10-D ULT2586-4-D   ULT2586-10HD-D ULT3280-10HD-D
ULT1786-4-V ULT2186-10-V ULT2586-4-V ULT2586-10HD-V ULT3280-10HD-V
ULT1786-4-W ULT2186-10-W ULT2586-4-W ULT2586-10HD-W ULT3280-10HD-W
ULT1786-10-A ULT2186-6-A ULT2586-6-A    
ULT1786-10-D ULT2186-6-D ULT2586-6-D    
ULT1786-10-V ULT2186-6-W ULT2586-6-V    
ULT1786-10-W ULT2186-6-V ULT2586-6-W    
ULT1786-6-A ULT2186-4-A ULT2586-10-A    
ULT1786-6-D ULT2186-4-D ULT2586-10-D    
ULT1786-6-V ULT2186-4-V ULT2586-10-V    
  ULT2186-6-W ULT2586-10-W