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7007335 - Rev 1 - Water Cooled, Dual Gel Electrophoresis System, Models P8DS, P9DS and P10DS - Operating and Maintenance Manual


Operating and maintenance manual 



Water Cooled, Dual Gel Electrophoresis System, Models:

  • P8DS
  • P9DS
  • P10DS


Unit/Model Number P8DS P9DS P10DS
Gel size

10cmW x 10cmL

10cmW x 8cmL

16cmW x 14cmL

16cmW x 16cmL

20cmW x 20cmL
Upper Buffer Chamber Capacity 170ml 400ml 600ml
Lower Buffer Chamber Capacity 240ml 300ml 800ml
Total Running Buffer 250ml 650ml 1250ml
Total Buffer Capacity 250ml 650ml 1250ml
Current, Constant 15-35mA/gel 15-50mA/gel 15-75mA/gel
Time Requirements 30-90 min. 60-120 min. 60-180 min.
Sample Capacity 20 30 40
Dimensions (cm) H x Wx D 15 x 17 x 12 21 x 24 x 14 24 x 30.5 x 16.5
Glass Size (cm) Wx L 10 x 10 16 x 14 20 x 20