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Invalid results file digital signature error


After running a ValPro Qualification on an FT-IR Instrument, ValPro will complete all the tests; however, before ValPro trys to display the report, the following error will appear:

The qualification test failed to finish successfully.  Invalid results file digital signature.  The results file has been modified outside the Omnic software.

When the user clicks OK, ValPro never displays the report.


  • FT-IR
  • ValPro
  • OMNIC 9.1


Restore the old domain

The domain in question has to have write/read and modify permission to the following folders:

  • C:\users\public\ documents\thermo\ValPro Qualification\results
  • C:\My documents\ Spectra
Resolve the signature issue

Delete all the files in “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA”. OMNIC will again be able to sign files. (Where <username> is the name of the user whose password was reset.)

The AppData folder may not be visible unless the folder view is set to "view hidden files".


The domain has been changed