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Nicolet Summit computer uses single-click instead of traditional double click with the mouse


The onboard computer in the Nicolet Summit instruments uses single-click functions with the mouse to navigate in Windows instead of the more traditional double-click behavior.


Nicolet Summit FTIR


The single-click versus double click mouse behavior is a setting in Windows File Explorer.

This behavior can be set within Windows to either mode of operation.

Follow the steps below to change the behavior:

  1. Open File Explorer on the Summit computer
  2. Click the View menu
  3. Click on the Options button
  4. On the General tab select either "Single-click to open an item" or "Double-click to open an item"
  5. Click Apply and then Ok




The single-click behavior is used more often with touchscreen devices. 

Since the Nicolet Summit instruments are available with touchscreens, the single-click behavior is configured at the factory. 

When the instrument does not have a touchscreen or it is desired to have the traditional double-click behavior, this setting can easily be changed within the Windows OS.