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Proper Stage Insert to use with Microcompression Cell II on the Nicolet RaptIR Microscope


When using the Microcompression Cell II (part 0045-434) with the RaptIR microscope, there is not enough distance when focused on the compression cell window to properly focus the condenser.


Nicolet RaptIR

Microcompression Cell II


The correct stage insert must be used to allow for enough distance for proper focusing of both the z-stage and condenser.

Part 714-020400:  iN10 Sample Holder - Compression Cell should be used.

iN10 Compression Cell Stage Insert.JPG


The Universal Sample Holder that ships with the Nicolet RaptIR microscope has a shallow recessed area for the Microcompression Cell II.

Because of the shallow recess, the z-stage is low when focusing on the sample, and this prevents the condenser from being able to achieve proper focus.

The iN10 Compression Cell Sample holder has a deeper recessed area for the compression cell, which allows the stage to be high enough for proper condenser focus to be achieved.


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