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Using the Corrected Spectrum Final Format with iS50 Raman Module Requires a Reference Spectrum


When selecting the final format of "Corrected Spectrum" for the iS50 Raman module, a white light reference spectrum is required.


Nicolet iS50 Raman Module


The OMNIC software includes two reference files that can be used for the reference spectrum.

There is one reference if using a CaF2 beamsplitter and one for an XT-KBr beamsplitter

The two reference files are:

C:\my documents\omnic\spectra\

C:\my documents\omnic\spectra\


The Raman Help Topics has information about using a Reference Spectrum, but the help file lists an incorrect file name for the included reference file.  The names listed in the Resolution section are the correct file names for the reference spectra.


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